Monday, 25 July 2011

Dear Photograph

'Dear Photograph' is a really clever concept where anyone can take a picture from the past in the present. All photos can then be submitted to the blog and hopefully uploaded.

Dear Photograph,
Only one person can fill these shoes.
AnonymousDear Photograph,
Dad never took a picture of me, ever. Then I noticed his reflection in the glass.Happy Father’s Day, Dad.
AnonymousDear Photograph,
Oh, to be young again.
WizemarkDear Photograph,

Can you tell him to turn around? I wanna see that cute little baby face again.Thanks,NicoleDear Photograph,
That swing always brought a smile to my face.
AnonymousDear Photograph,
I’ll always remember my first fish.
Brian ThurmanDear Photograph,

There’s a reason we had to paint these stairs blue. They just weren’t as colorful without these two.

mohocreativeDear photograph,
Time to walk the dog again.
Nikki LynnDear Photograph,Wishing we could share a Canteen, just one more time.SarahDear Photograph,
Grandpa loved the outdoors. But he loved us more.Pam Dusbabek

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